Site Updates

Hello Neighbors, Thank you all for joining I hope you're well in this "interesting" times we're living in.

This is the first message of this type that I've sent since creating this site, if you don't wish to get them again you can unsubscribe, I will not be sending them often. I built as a side project because I wanted to be informed about events going on near me and was frustrated that I couldn't get quick information. I hope you find the site as useful as I have. If you do find it useful and want to donate to help offset the costs of running the site it would be appreciated:

If you have any questions, issues or suggestions on improving the site please feel free to reply to this email or email me directly: [email protected]

I've made some improvements to the site recently, here is whats new:

  • Ability to send Alerts to Telegram Accounts: available to all users (no more premium memberships required).
  • Enabled a Archive to view past events
  • Disabled the traffic camera page: The source of the cameras changed their system making our connection to them unreliable. If you are still looking for them you can find them at: (there is also a link to this from the resources page)
  • Ongoing work to improve the speed and reliability of the servers that run the site. Currently the servers to host the website, process the data from the county, cross-reference geo-locations and handle the sending of email, text and telegram alerts costs me about $70. Any donations help offset this cost.

Thank you for being a member,

Ben Townsend - Creator