Want to receive your alerts through telegram messenger instead of email? Follow the steps below to set it up:

Before you start: If you haven't already download the Telegram App on your mobile device, and setup your account. It's Free, Easy, and Secure.

Telegram Apps: https://telegram.org/apps

Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store


  1. Start a conversation with the CNY911 Bot (to prevent spam, Telegram doesn't allow bots to initiate a conversation)
  2. The CNY911 Bot will automatically respond with your Unique Telegram ID, you will need to enter this number on your CNY911.com profile.
  3. Go to "My Account", Click EditTelegram signup process
  4. Set your Preferred Notification Method to "Telegram"
  5. Enter the your Unique Telegram ID that the bot sent to you in step 2 
  6. Click Save - Congrats Configured your CNY911 Alerts will now be sent to your Telegram Account

If you haven't already make sure you configure your alert settings by choosing a Location and Alert Threshold on your profile. More Info Here

Bot Commands

Send any of the following commands to the CNY911 Telegram Bot.

  • /latest - See the 5 most recent Calls (county wide)
  • /mute - Stop All Alerts
  • /unmute - Resume Sending Alerts
  • /id - Send user ID to update CNY911 Profile