Allows users to share information about public safety, crime, fires, traffic and other notable events in their community. Some data is from publicly available data sources about emergency events going on in our community. This data is presented for informational use only, and is not intended to provide life saving information., its creator, and the members of the community; are not associated with any of the emergency services whose data is being presented here. The data presented here can not be considered to be accurate or correct. We rely on information made public by several other public sources to be able to present it here.'s goals are to present information about events in our community in an accessible, up-to-date, and 

We strive to have our pages and data:

  • Load quickly
  • Update regularly
  • Display correctly on any device, with a focus on mobile device compatibility.
  • Allow users to be notified about events going on in areas of interest.


To enable alerts:Example of selecting the alert location on a map.

  1. Create an account:
  2. Fill in the fields for Email address and Username
  3. Click "Add My Locations".
  4. The "Enable Alerts" Box should already be checked, un-checking this box will prevent this alert location from being sent out.
  5. Fill in a Location Nickname, this is the name that identifies this location to you. It will be used in alerts sent to you later on.
  6. Set an Alert Threshold in miles. Acceptable values are 0.01 - 1 Miles. Setting this too high may result in many alerts being generated. These values can be changed at any time.
  7. Using the displayed map select the center of the area you want to be alerted about. On many devices the map will default to your current location.
  8. You can define up to 5 total locations you want to receive alerts for. If you want to add more repeat steps 3-7.
  9. Click the Create New Account button.
  10. After a few moments an email should arrive containing a link to confirm your email address.
  11. You will be prompted to set a password for your account after clicking the link included in the email. Please save this password so you can make changes to your alert settings later on.
  12. If you want to start receiving event alerts via text message instead of email, please consider becoming a premium account supporter.