Enable/Update Alert Locations

  1. Click "Add My Locations".Setup location info
  2. The "Enable Alerts" Box should already be checked, un-checking this box will prevent this alert location from being sent out.
  3. Fill in a Location Nickname, this is the name that identifies this location to you. It will be used in alerts sent to you later on.
  4. Set an Alert Threshold in miles. Acceptable values are 0.01 - 1 Miles. Setting this too high may result in many alerts being generated. These values can be changed at any time.
  5. Using the displayed map select the center of the area you want to be alerted about. On many devices the map will default to your current location.
  6. You can define up to 5 total locations you want to receive alerts for. If you want to add more repeat steps 3-7.