Fri, 10/22/2021 - 9:00 PM

Brewerton Rd, Clay, Ny

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Equinox was driving, slowing down for traffic in front of them as the light turned yellow.  The vehicle behind the equinox did not slow down and at least the posted speed, if not greater, impacted with the Equinox full force, no brakes.  The driver of the vehicle that impacted the first vehicle came to the window, checking on the first driver, asked if they were ok, apologized, then walked away.  She was dressed as a witch/full costume.

SOURCE: Driver of vehicle impacted by the driver of the 2nd vehicle.

NOTE:  medical attention has been obtained, but due to hospitals being closed for new patients (at the time), or over capacity with more urgent needs, medical care pended until urgent care was available with x-ray tech on duty and driver felt safe to drive.  Work has been missed and there is significant pain being dealt with ongoing.

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